Questions to ask when choosing hardwood flooring

Flooring is going to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, investments in your home. It’s also the ultimate expression of your style. While wood floors give your home a warm, rich, elegant tone, there’s more to choosing them than simply picking out the prettiest species or your favorite color. Here are some questions to ask yourself when shopping for hardwood to be sure you get the right one for you.

Which hardwood version do I want?

There are two versions of hardwood and, while they look similar, they do perform differently. Solid is one thickness throughout and can be damaged by excess water. Engineered wood flooring is layered; at the top is your species-of-choice with undertones, knots, and swirls, but underneath is layers of genuine wood combined with a little resin. The layers are placed crosswise, and, as a result, this flooring is more stable, better able to handle water, and can be installed in some higher-than-normal moisture areas where solid cannot go.

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Do I have extra durability needs?

Hardwood species have different levels of strength. If you have kids, pets, or other durability needs, you will want to consider this. The Janka Scale is a rating to determine hardness; the larger the number, the harder and more resistant to scratches on the floor. Many experts use a rating of 1,000 or above as the standard, but some will take it as high as 1290.

What is my style?

Some species like oak have an abundance of knots and swirls, while others, like cherry, can be more subtle, so determine your preference and overall style. Also, look at the grain patterns; logs are cut in various ways, such as quarter sawn or plain sawn, and they each affect the rotation and, hence, the appearance of the grains and swirls. Consider plank width. Wider is more traditional and trending these days, but a narrow one might be more appropriate for a small room.
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Factory or on-site finishing?

The finish, not to be confused with stain, is the top clear coat that protects the floor. Many prefer factory pre-finished floors because you know what you're getting. With samples in hand, you can start the coordination process, even before the floor arrives. Others, however, prefer on-site because there’s more assortment of gloss levels, and you can have better control over sheen.

Solid hardwood flooring is a traditional tongue and groove installation, while engineered offers an alternative of the quick, uncomplicated floating floor. Whichever you decide you can be sure of a high-quality installation. Learn more and get a free hardwood flooring quote at the Town & Country Home Center LLC showroom in Troy, AL. We work with homeowners in or near Troy, AL, Brundidge, AL, Goshen, AL, Luverne, AL, Ariton, AL, Clio, AL, Louisville, AL, Clayton, AL && Banks, AL.