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How to select kitchen countertops

Choosing the right countertops is overwhelming! The counter sets the tone for the entire room, especially if you’re using it to become a focal point. The counter is also your workspace, so it must be durable, heat resistant, easy to clean, and have plenty of storage. From a financial point of view, it’s also, next to the cabinets, the most expensive part of a remodel, so you want to get it right from the start.

Numerous materials from which to choose

It wasn’t so long ago that the only choices were laminate or butcher block, but now counters come in various colors, patterns, and textures. Today, we have plenty of options that can satisfy any design goal, from stone tile countertops to solid surfacing (an acrylic with a marble-like look) and, of course, ceramic countertops. You'll find top items from some of the most well-recognized manufacturers in our facility, including LivingStone and Caesarstone.

Choosing color

This will be your most important decision because your choice of colors will determine a cohesive look that fits in with your house's overall tone. The most important thing to remember is that tastes change, and if you repaint the kitchen a different color, the counters could look outdated if they were meant to match.

A good option is to choose one with light neutral or pastel backgrounds and some spots of color; for instance, stone countertops with colorful yet fine-drawn veinings. This way, even when you paint the kitchen a different color, they’ll always look modern and work.

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Undertones and more

Another thing is to pay attention to undertones. They are secondary colors, and when used correctly, they accent and highlight. However, when not used correctly, they can cause confusion and chaos and distort other elements' shades. Looking at chips or samples in the store is not an accurate representation of how that color will look in your home. We will let you take the samples home so you can see how they look in your environment. This way, the lighting is as it will be when it is installed. It's a win-win.

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